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Extra questions

On this page you will find answers to most of the commonly asked questions about  Résidences Chadorli.

Please feel free to contact us if your questions and answers are not in this list.

The Build: The villa’s, suitable for permanent habitation, are constructed in cooperation with local tradesman and building companies. The complete construction is managed and under control of a french architect in collaboration with Dutch project management. There is a French and English speaking project manager available on site.

Guarantee: Both Résidences Chadorli and all contributing companies and tradesmen, are insured. This is a  ‘dommage-ouvrage’ which covers unforeseen construction defects. We also make sure that the building companies and tradesman all carry the 10 year guarantee insurance. This insurance guarantees over 10 years, all technical faults and problems. Furthermore, all villa’s will be inspected by Veritas.

Swimming pool: a private swimming pool is optional.  Naturally, there are several options for building a swimming pool.  To build a swimming pool, a building permit needs to be obtained from the local counsel.

Handicapped people: In principal, all the villa’s can be adapted for handicapped people. Most of the building plots are situated on level terrain.

Heating/air conditioning: the heating is electric, On request we can provide a woodburner, or install central heating and/or underfloor heating. For example with the very energy/ environmentally friendly ‘pompe à chaleur’: heat pump. The same is applicable to air conditioning. This is not standard, but can be installed if you wish.

Interior: the property  will be finished with quality tiles. There are several options and types to choose from. If you would prefer other tiles, this is of course possible but would implicate a higher price. The same applies to the bathroom suite(s).

Garden: if you should wish so, we can arrange for the construction of a tiled patio (on a concrete foundation) at a surcharge. We can assist you with the design, construction and maintenance of your garden and put you in touch with local landscape gardeners and specialised companies.

Daily needs: just a few kilometers away you will find the village of ‘Montbron’. Here you will find several supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, hairdressers, garages and other shops and facilities that you might need.


Medical/emergency-services: In Montbron you will find the basic medical services: several GP’s, physiotherapists and dentists. There is also a ‘centre sapeurs-pompiers’, a rescue and fire-center who can be called upon in emergencies such as accidents and fires. Hospitals and medical clinics are situated in Angoulême and Limoges.

Travel alternatives: train and airplane. From Paris, you can travel by TGV to the station of Angoulême. There are flights from the UK to several local airports: Bergerac, Limoges and Brive-la-Gaillarde.Hier vindt u de antwoorden op een aantal vragen met betrekking tot Résidences Chadorli.